In today’s world of technological innovations and exploding data growth, data-related and cloud technologies have become accessible to businesses of any size.
We have embraced modern digital business solutions to meet new organizational requirements for accessibility, agility and deeper analytical insight.
Our approach is to deploy fast, agile, affordable solutions without complexity.
We focus on value and simplicity, at first.

Damien Lee, Managing Director

Our key ingredients

Simple Data

The simpler the data storage the faster and effective the system.

Customer First

We always respect your context and constraints.


Experience and know how in various business fields is our added value.


Access your data anywhere, at any anytime, using any device.

Understandable Reports

Simple reporting is science. We know why and how.

Always Agile

Agile mindset and techniques is part of our DNA.

Our Technology Partners

Zoho partner
Knack Developer
Django Developer
Clidata Analytics

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